Opal Tapes has been around for a hot minute, but since there hasn't been much mention of them on the blog, I figured now is as good a time as any to showcase this prolific UK-based internet tape label. With a roster that boasts such acts as 1991, The Wanda Group (previously Dem Hunger), Huerco S. and now Karen Gwyer, and diverse vibes ranging from drone-ambient to balls-out-speaker-blown-techno (sometimes all in one release), Opal Tapes is KILLIN it on that very dark, very raw experimental beat music front. Enjoy some choice selections from the new batch below, as well as a couple personal favorites. And here's hoping that Opal Tapes can find some US distribution in the future so those of us to the left of the pond can support the label without breaking the bank to buy a tape.

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