Choice Wiley Tweets from the past couple days


"Twitter lol"

"I'm going cage fighting practice with my Liverpool bredrins I need to relax and learn how twist up a guy If need be lol"

"If you sell millions cool big up but don't jump out ya pram cos man will rugby tackle you into a fence so quick lol"

"I'm actually recording and tweeting at the same time lol"

"It makes me happy to see fans defend there artist but fans i will rugby tackle all 400,000 of you I promise"

"i will throw Bombay potatoes on you"

"On a level jay Sean fans get of my timeline I'm not scared of you I never have been an I never will be ever"

"Asians think i would shine there shoes i would slap every asian who thought i would do that it's not a shoe shine ting"

"To all my asian massive goodnight I hope freddy kruga gets you in your dreams"

"Buy my new album jaysean fans you will like it"

POW 2011 out today apparently

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