MONDO RADIO (07/16/14)

Howdy Jammerz, beyond the jump is the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Iron in My Heart", featuring hard rock and proto-heavy metal. If you're into it, remember to also follow the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
MC5 - Ramblin' Rose - Kick Out The Jams
MC5 - I Want You Right Now - Kick Out The Jams
Catfish - Mississippi River (Live) - Live Catfish
Catfish - Letter To Nixon (Live) - Live Catfish
Blue Cheer - Parchment Farm - Vincebus Eruptum
Blue Cheer - Doctor Please - Vincebus Eruptum
Cactus - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover - Cactology: The Cactus Collection
Cactus - One Way...Or Another - Cactology: The Cactus Collection
Jan Davis And The Flamenco Boogie Band - Funky Fandango - Flamenco USA
Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) - Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond - Raging River Of Fear - Captain Beyond
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin - Bring It On Home - Led Zeppelin II
Blues Creation - Brane Baster - Demon & Eleven Children
Blues Creation - Atomic Bombs Away - Demon & Eleven Children
Black Sabbath - The Wizard - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Warning - Black Sabbath
Edgar Broughton Band - Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freaks A-Rollin') - Sing Brother Sing
Edgar Broughton Band - Old Gopher - Sing Brother Sing
Pink Fairies - Do It - Never-Neverland
Pink Fairies - Teenage Rebel - Never-Neverland
Budgie - Rocking Man - Squawk
Budgie - Stranded - Squawk
Thin Lizzy - Call The Police - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
Thin Lizzy - The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Tribes - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
Blackmore's Rainbow - Run With The Wolf - Rainbow Rising
Blackmore's Rainbow - A Light In The Black - Rainbow Rising


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