Yo guys, this is Andy Petr, sorry I haven't been posting for so long :3. I thought I would throw down a gigantic post here to make up for it with a bunch of stuff I've been listening to lately!!

First thing's first. I've been checking out this youtube user called "Dronemf S." and he's been uploading some of the coolest music. Nearly all of it is extremely esoteric industrial, noise, punk, and other darker avant garde stuff. A lot of it is also from European countries that aren't very well-known for this kind of music like Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. There's some serious gold on there. Here are a couple more recent ones that are sick:

I've also really been feeling this unearthed Coil remix of the class "Closer" by NIN (^__^) It's actually way better than the original! Check it, seriously it's sick

On a completely different note, I've also been listening to a lot of the famous jazz pianist Bill Evans. Some of his music is just indescribably beautiful. Here are some of my favorites -

And I'll conclude this entry with some Jexus. Jexus aka WC Olo Garb is this guy who makes absolutely insane synth demos. Seriously, he goes above and beyond, splicing the demos with weird and totally necessary horror film footage. If u don't know Jexus you really gotta jack in, man. Here's some of my faves (but really, they're all sick af):

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