MONDO RADIO (11/13/13)

Hola Jammerz, here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Glamour Trash", featuring glitter, glam rock and more. If you enjoy it, remember to also find the show on FacebookTumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
Sweeney Todd - Let's All Do It Again - Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd - Roxy Roller - Sweeney Todd
Nick Gilder - (She's) One Of The Boys - City Nights
Nick Gilder - 21st Century - City Nights
Hello - New York Groove - New York Groove...The Best Of Hello
Hello - Machine Gun Hustle - New York Groove...The Best Of Hello
Sweet - Sweet F.A. - Desolation Boulevard
Sweet - Fox On The Run - Desolation Boulevard
Slade - Dirty Joker - Play It Loud
Slade - Dapple Rose - Play It Loud
Mott - Career (No Such Thing As Rock 'N' Roll) - Shouting & Pointing
Mott - Collision Course - Shouting & Pointing
Proyecto Puerto Rico - Morire - En Orbita
T. Rex - Rip Off - Electric Warrior
T. Rex - Monolith - Electric Warrior
Mick Ronson - I'm The One - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
Mick Ronson - Growing Up And I'm Fine - Slaughter On 10th Avenue
David Bowie - Starman - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
David Bowie - Rock 'N' Roll Suicide - The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire - Here Come The Warm Jets
Brian Eno - Cindy Tells Me - Here Come The Warm Jets
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain - Roxy Music
Roxy Music - If There Is Something - Roxy Music
Sparks - Thank God It's Not Christmas - Kimono My House
Sparks - Hasta Mañana Monsieur - Kimono My House
Kate Bush - Them Heavy People - The Kick Inside
Kate Bush - James And The Cold Gun - The Kick Inside
John Cale - Gideon's Bible - Vintage Violence
John Cale - Hello, There - Vintage Violence
Lou Reed - Goodnight Ladies - Transformer
Lou Reed - Hangin' Round - Transformer
Jobriath - Liten Up - Creatures Of The Street
Jobriath - Ooh La La - Creatures Of The Street
New York Dolls - Jet Boy - New York Dolls
New York Dolls - Pills - New York Dolls
Zolar X - Jet Star 19 - Timeless
Zolar X - Space Age Love - Timeless

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