"Ashram Equinox is the sixth studio album from Modena based psychedelic band Julie’s Haircut. Composed of eight tracks, merged to form a continuum of sound, which may either be listened to without interruption from beginning to end as a complete suite, or taken individually with it its own unique meaning. Sonically, the album is a kaleidoscope of mature eclecticism that spans from rock and psychedelia, to minimalist electronic, with echoes of jazz, ethnic, dub, and drone music throughout."

Cop that tape from the Crash Symbols' Bandcamp and check out their recent releases HERE. I'm gonna get real with you, this past week has been pretty stressful over at Sexwolf HQ, but this tape has brought me to a far mellower place. Don't delay, confront your nightmares, release your stress, and embrace these good vibez.

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