Alright, jammerz, this is a treat right here! Juiceboxxx returns with a new EP, Front Seat of the Tacoma, that is available as a free download or your choice of a donation. Here's what JB has to say:

"Thunder Zone is proud to present "Front Seat Of The Tacoma," the new FREE EP from American performer JUICEBOXXX. 6 songs in 14 minutes and yet another chapter in the never-ending saga that is JUICEBOXXX and THE THUNDER ZONE, "Front Seat Of The Tacoma" is American Music untethered.

JB is the only one connecting the dots between Suicide and Public Enemy, Guided By Voices and Cypress Hill, Bruce Springsteen and Beck. Blown out and proud, fucking jam it on the bus and keep the faith. Bands come and go but JUICEBOXXX has always been here. Crashing on your couch, raging in your basement. Selling you energy drinks. "Front Seat Of The Tacoma" is another piece in the expanding pop music puzzle that has been going strong since JUICEBOXXX was 15 years old. Catch him on tour all November with a full backing band, putting it on the line every night in the name of Rock and Roll."

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