THROWBACK THURSDAYS - Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circensis

I have no fonder musical memory than driving down highway one in the middle of the night after my first road trip to San Francisco, listening to this song at full volume until the speakers blew. I bought this album on cd (ha!) at Ameoba records in SF on the recommendation of a Brazilian friend of mine who was on the trip with me. Everything about the album intrigued me, from the band name to the weirdo album art to the fact that Kurt Cobain apparently names it in a list of his all time favorite records. I was 18 then and even though I'd been a semi-serious music nerd since I was around 15, I consider this record to be a milestone. With the possible exceptions of stumbling upon 20 second clips of John Coltrane's free jazz period while looking for cd's on amazon.com or maybe going to Bonnaroo when I was 17 and living out some silly Woodstock fantasy, music had never effected me like this before. The moment that fucking trilling classical trumpet comes in is burned in my memory forever. A true classic. 

Any of you jammerz have a similar story? Share it in the comments!

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