SJFM Mix Series - Perfect Strangers Edition Vol. 4

Welcome to another edition of the SJFM Mix Series! Despite the inclusion of a few British and Finnish artists, this mix is an ode to a unique brand of majestic and strange Americana. Included are dusty ballads, free-form guitar explorations, sweeping, impressionistic contemporary classical compositions, ambient piano improvisations, out-of-time cowboy music, intensely minimalist pop, and some of the flat out best songs I know of.

If this mix was a movie it would be directed by Terrence Malick. If it was a year it would be 1972. If it was a painting it would be by a French post impressionist. If it was a drug it would be a half smoked joint.

If you find yourself with an hour or so to slow down and vibe out, give it a spin. I guarantee it will take you to a beautiful place.

Tracklist after the jump!
1) Grouper - Vital
2) Robbie Basho - Blue Crystal Fire
3) Wooden Wand - Spitting at the Camera
4) Good Stuff House - Untitled 2
5) James Blackshaw - Boo, Forever
6) Bill Fay - Garden Song
7) Matt Valentine & Ericka Elder - Moonspeak
8) Arthur Russell - Soon to be Innocent/Let's See
9) Date Palms - Yuba Source Pt. 2
10) Wayne Rogers - Come Inside
11) Richard Youngs - Life on a Beam
12) Gregg Kowalsky - Tendrils in Vigne
13) The Golden Oaks - Blue Werewolf
14) Bruce Langhorn - Arch Leaves
15) Magik Markers - Bad Dream/Hartford's Beat Suite
16) Antti Tolvi - Pianoketo 2
17) Mark Hollis - The Colour of Spring

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