Awesome Tapes from Africa is set to reissue Shaka Bundu, the debut LP from South Africa's Penny Penny. Here's his backstory, courtesy of FACT: "His story is the stuff of the Bildungsroman: the youngest of 68 children, he found himself flung into poverty, zipping between odd-jobs before, in the wake of the dissolution of apartheid, finally releasing one of the most country’s most feted house albums in his mid-Thirties (he’s now an African National Congress politician, naturally). Despite featuring vocals sung in the marginalised Xitsgona language, Shaka Bundu was a major hit, shifting over a quarter of a million copies in the country."

Jam this feel good track, and pick up the record when it comes out on November 12th. Time to dance, jammerz :) :) :)

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