MONDO RADIO (09/25/13)

The good folks at SJFM were nice enough to invite me to share my weekly radio show with you jammerz, so without further ado, here's the playlist for this week's edition of Mondo Radio, which you can download or stream here. This episode: "Teenage News", featuring classic power pop and more. If you enjoy it, be sure to also follow the show on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

Artist - Song - Album
Sylvain Sylvain - Teenage News - Sylvain Sylvain
Sylvain Sylvain - Every Boy And Every Girl - Sylvain Sylvain
The Baxters - What Ya Gonna Do - History In 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973-1982
In A Hot Coma - I Wanna Stay Up All Night - History In 3 Chords: Milwaukee Alternative Bands 1973-1982
Big Star - She's A Mover - Radio City
Big Star - O, My Soul - Radio City
Single Bullet Theory - Les Bonnes Chansons - SBT: 1977-1980
Single Bullet Theory - There Is The Boy - SBT: 1977-1980
Cheap Trick - The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems) - Dream Police
Cheap Trick - Gonna Raise Hell - Dream Police
Euphoria - Just For A Moment - Lost In Trance
The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone - The Nerves
The Nerves - When You Find Out - The Nerves
Green - She's Not A Little Girl - Green
Green - Better Way - Green
The Shivvers - Please Stand By - Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop: 1979-82
The Shivvers - It Hurts Too Much - Lost Hits From Milwaukee's First Family Of Powerpop: 1979-82
Blondie - Sunday Girl - Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision
Blondie - One Way Or Another - Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision
Josie Cotton - Johnny, Are You Queer? - Convertible Music
Josie Cotton - Systematic Way - Convertible Music
Nick Gilder - We'll Work It Out - City Nights
Nick Gilder - (She's) One Of The Boys - City Nights
Shoes - Cruel You - Present Tense
Shoes - In My Arms Again - Present Tense
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You - Underwater Moonlight
The Soft Boys - Tonight - Underwater Moonlight
The Last - Be Bop A Lula - L.A. Explosion!
The Last - Every Summer Day - L.A. Explosion!
The Records - Guitars In The Sky - Crashes
The Records - The Same Mistakes - Crashes
Sunnyboys - This Is Real - Individuals
Sunnyboys - Colour Of Love - Individuals
Paul Collins' Beat - All Over The World - To Beat Or Not To Beat
Paul Collins' Beat - Making You Mine - To Beat Or Not To Beat
The Jam - All Mod Cons - All Mod Cons
The Jam - David Watts - All Mod Cons

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