Africa In Your Earbuds: Kool A.D. – ‘CHANGOHOLICS’

AFRICA IN YOUR EARBUDS #49: KOOL A.D. 'CHANGOHOLICS' by Okayafrica on Mixcloud

From Victor Vazquez a.k.a. Kool A.D.:

Is it just a coincidence that Djimon Honsu played a bouncer on the pilot episode of Beverly Hills 90210? Or that the opening scene of Luther is just the last scene of Juice? Who is the better Illuminati rapper: Jay Z or Jay Electronica? Why wasn’t the sequel to Belly just Nas and T-Boz raising a kid in Africa? Would a remake of the Michael Douglas movie The Game, starring rapper The Game be a good or a bad idea? All of these questions about or relating to the African diaspora and more will be revealed in the this #NEW #EXCLUSIVE #RARE KOOL A.D. CHANGOHOLICS MIX."

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