Crash Symbols - Return to Dope Mountain

I'm really digging this new compilation from the Crash Symbols label. I don't know too much about these guys other than they are a small cassette label started a couple years ago that put out a pretty diverse collection of beat collages, synth dance jams, rnb ballads, beatific drones, post no wave weirdness, and blunted beat tapes. Despite it diversity, there is a strong collective DIY spirit running through the whole record that's as inspiring as it is easy on the ears. At 24 tracks long, this compilation is a really generous and rewarding showcase of an exciting new label. Hopefully we will be hearing a lot more from these guys in the future. 



  1. ¡B3∆§†! Crash Cymbals goes hhhhhhard in the paint.

  2. Dwight, Liz, and Jheri also run Decoder, which I write for. Glad to see you're diggin their stuff. I really like Cream Dream, who has a tape of collected works on the label.

    :) :) :)