I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be able to write up this post.  It's been about four months since we first recorded this track and it's been stuck in production with various setbacks and distractions ever since.  But as of today, at long last and with a little help from our friends, the visuals and track have come together and I'm unbelievably psyched to premier the finished video for (ORB) - Whole Wide World.  The track is available for free download at the new (ORB) Soundcloud and if you'd like to contact us you can hit us up on our facebook ( and remember ya'll, (ORB) is the current iteration of Terri(or B)ute, so don't get confused, that's us.)  Special thanks to Matt Liljegren and Colin Caulfield for their roles in the completion of the project, without you two, this would not exist, or if it did, it would be really, really half-assed.  Thanks and I hope you all enjoy it.