Here's the new one from our boy Juiceboxxx. In his own words, the new "'BEYOND' is very blown out and the product of a winter listening to Beastie Boys and Guided by Voices on my phone while waiting for the bus in East LA and eating a Yum Yum donut. I collaborate with a few friends (Antwon, ISSUE, White Rainbow, Gnar Tapes/White Fang, Fielded, Schwarz, Fat Tony, Kool A.D.) but mostly this tape is about one take vocals thru a fuzz pedal and basic survival. Just trying to keep things free and honest. If you listen to it the whole way thru a story unfolds." That's some heavy shit right there with some real heads in the rap and indie game on the featured list. Download it, Jammerz, I can promise you you will not be disappointed!

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