Hey jammers, this is a bit of an unorthodox post from us BUT I thought it was worth sharing. The Grateful Dead have been one of my favorite bands for many years now and recently (thanks in part to summer being just around the corner) I've fallen in love with the '86-'90 era of the Dead. The late '80s were a real golden age for the band (in particular the '89-'90 summer and fall tours). The dead released two great albums in that period, 1987's In The Dark (which is their best selling album and single, Touch of Grey) and 1991's Built to Last (which was recorded in 1990). '80s Dead is also their best line-up for my money, it includes all original members (excluding the original key player Pigpen who died in like '72) and the best key player they ever had, Brent Mydland (who was with the band from 1979 to  1990).  It's important to note that Jerry was sober-ish and still kicking. Unfortunately Mydland would die after the '90 suumer tour due to a speedball overdose at age 37, the band was never the same. So enjoy this great show from Buffao, NY on the 4th of July 1989, its recorded under the name Truckin' Up to Buffalo if you wanna cop it. So break out the bong and some acid and watch Jerry and the boys shred!

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