SXSW Scene Report Day 1

Number of Parties Attended: 3

Best show: The Dream @ the Soundcloud party

Number of Times The Dream Pretended his Golden Mic was His Dick: 2

Best Handmade Fan Sign: August Alsina

Best Venue: Soundcloud Party on the river

Best Unexpected Show: August Alsina

Number of Bats Seen: >10000

Number of Free Doritos Tacos Consumed: 5(?)

Worst Show: Foxygen

Most Boo's" Foxygen

Biggest Embarrassment: Foxygen

Saddest Quote: "Sorry. My band sucks. We will only play one more." - Some guy who's band got to play the Soundcloud party because he's really popular on Soundcloud

Number of Australian Girls Trying to 'Make it in New York': 2

Biggest Star we Didn't See But Kept Hearing Rumors About: Usher

Best Outfit: The Dreams leather suit