The Pharmacy - Make Me Remember

I've been really digging this album lately. This song, like most of the album, reminds me of a classic Stones song mixed with some Pavement and some garage rock grit. This thing's gunna go great with burgers and some frosty tallboys at BBQ's. Fuck I'm sick of winter...


  1. Good call, dude. It was foggy and cold here in the NW, so I'm feelin ya on the summer vibez.


  2. is the same the pharmmacy that has been around for like 10 years? if so i saw these boys in a basement in like 2005, needless to say it was really fun stuff! glad to see they are still rockin.

  3. Yeah it is! That's rad, I didn't know anything about them until this album. I'll hafta check out the old stuff.