Cynthia Witherspoon be reportin' our news, and we got a black mayor, who really don't care, cuz he only wanna cater to white folks with papa. Man! Niggas are starvin' outchea, babies killin' baby's cousins martyrs outchea, and ain't no black fathers outchea, but there's many teenage baby mamas outchea.

I got the Jigga City blues...

I'm disappointed in you rap-niggas,
Making up personalities for money,
So every third word in there
Is retarded, dumb, or duffy.


How nobody rap about that?!?
Instead they tellin' lies rappin' bout a triple stack,
Middle-class niggas outchea frontin'
Startchea skippin'.
And I hope you learn from Boosie,
Don't forget about the blues...

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