mpcs don't make you j dilla how you twistin' that grill don't make you more reala

I won't shuck n jive
for that quick buck
I irrupt
for endurance

during decades
defined by music

bought by the rich
but this meant
for the poorest

spent half my life
by so-called rap purists

For all y'all hard jammerz, iconAclass, MC Will Brooks' solo project, dropped his new full-length For The Ones in September, quickly followed up by the I Got It EP in November (below). I went through the dälek and Deadverse catalogue, for the first time in a few years, the other day, and reconfirmed that Will Brooks is hands down one of the most militant writers the history of the genre. No wonder he more often performs in Europe and in Asia than in Merica, politically paralysed and inept that Mericans are. dälek's performance with Oddateee, the former Nowavist Lydia Lynch, and the clandestine French collagist Philippe Petit, in Marseille a few years ago absolutely blew me away.

My ultimate fantasy would see Andrew Noz and Kodwo Eshun come together - or somehow see eye-to-eye, considering the former's passion for neglected, primarily southern, rap, and the latter's continued engagement in The Otolith Group - to write a follow up to Eshun's legendary, now out-of-print, but available from your local library through interlibrary loan, Afrofuturist tome, More Brilliant Than The Sun, spawned by the work of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit in the late 90s.

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