Czech It Out - SF Broadcasts

Just kiddin, it's a bit south of the Czech. In my usual fashion of being late to the game whenever a swag new webding label pops up, I recently discovered SF Broadcasts, based out of Vienna, Austria and run by Cruise Family (you may know him from his microcosmic excursions into the vast depths of the multiverse on his innerstellar We're In Heaven 12" on 100% SILK), just as they've decided to put a stop to their mail orders (evidently due to some heavy price hikes on the part of the Austrian Post AG) and well after most of the back catalogue has sold out. Luckily, there are some supremely psychedelic videos for highlights from most of the releases {mostly Cruise Family or most likely aliases thereof} up on youtube - which are documented on the SF Broadcasts blogspot [HERE] - and a temporary free download of the most recent releases: two slow burning early morning epics from my new favorite Swedish psyche-diver Sand Circles and some strictly for the Headz acid haus from Alex Strelka (no idea who this is, but it's supposedly a reissue of a live performance in Cologne from 1994, and it føckin ripss). Also, the tape packaging is some of the sickest I've seen in some time.