Ole 0-11 favz

Albums of the Year:
1. Ricardo Donoso, Progress Chance (Digitalis)
2. Ekoplekz, Memowrekz (Mordant Music)
3. Eleh, Floating Frequencies/Intuitive Synthesis (Important)
4. Emptyset, Demiurge (Subtext)
5. Demdike Stare, Triptych (Modern Love)
6. The Haxan Cloak, The Haxan Cloak (Aurora Borealis)
7. Blanck Mass, Blanck Mass (Rock Action)
8. KPLR, untitled (Digitalis)
9. Julia Holter, Tragedy (Leaving)
10. Matana Roberts, Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de couleur libres (Constellation)

Wuz y'allz favz?


  1. alright, i think all these came out in 2011, either way here are my ten favs uh da year

    (in no order)
    rubberband business 2 - juicy j and lex luger
    black land radio 66.6 - spaceghostpurrp
    live love a$ap - a$ap rocky
    positive feedback - white fang
    catacombz - catacombz (i think this came out in '11)
    eyeless 7' - punch (again pretty sure it came out in '11)
    1971 - natural child
    we are the champions - jeff the brotherhood
    rapper turned singer - andy petr
    golden age of the apocalypse - thundercat

    so yeah, pretty much the big ones for me this year

  2. You should post more on this, Mark, I haven't heard really any of those records and if their your top ten, then I know they gotta be worth getting deep into.

    Also in no order

    Nupping - Dope Body
    Golden Age of the Apocalypse - Thundercat
    Rapper Turned Singer - Petr
    Black Up - Shabazz Palaces
    Catacombz - Catacombz (FOR SURE)
    Neverendless - Cave
    XXX - Danny Brown
    Just a Taste - DJ Rashad (it might have been 2010 though)
    Rainforest - Clams Casino
    Kingston Story - Vybz Kartel

    Dey is

  3. WTT


    Bon Iver, Bon Iver (Yes I really do love this record)

    Tragedy by Julia Holter

    Dedication by Zomby

  4. TRS-80 - Horizons
    Tiger & Woods - Through the Green
    Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!
    Reeko - Finding the New Matter
    Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts