Artificial Intelligence comp. (for those dark dayzzz)

Just got this compilation of early 90's acid house/IDM/experimental electronica. Aphex twin appears under the name "The Dice Man," and there are some tracks from Autechre and other artists from that scene. Check it out here: Artificial Intelligence at Discogs

Pretty interesting stuff. Plus, I didn't know Aphex Twin recorded under so many different names (i.e. The Tuss, Polygon Window, Mike and Rich, Power-Pill, etc.).


  1. The Analord series on Rephlex and the Analogue Bubblebath EPs, under the AFX moniker, in addition to the Polygon Window releases are the most "far out there" of RJD's releases, imho.

  2. I will always fucking love afx and also incidentally rip off of him shamefully..