"the tape came in a duct taped sock"

object height="225" width="100%">Warhammer 48k - Sock Tape by oopsound

if uguyz are interested, i came across this 'lost' warhammer 48k tape, if you will, heres the post from the guys blog: "Here is a tape that I got at the Lemp Arts Center...I'm pretty sure it was Warhammer 48k's fist or second show, Hyphen-O played with them at one of Mark's birthday party shows, 2004 I think...the tape came in a duct taped sock, and there were probably like 10 of them....the latter part of the first song is nothing short of ep...they did a version of the take lots of pills song on the record they put out on permanent, bit it wasn't anytthing close to as awesome as this version is...at least check out that song"

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