Freakend Jamz

Klavierwerke EP.zip

What We Must.zip

First up is UK producer James Blake's Klavierwerke EP. It's labelled as dubstep, but it's a bit slower and has a pretty interesting and unique style. Either way it's good and his self-titled debut album comes out Tuesday, I believe.

The second is an album by Jaga Jazzist, a Norwegian jazz band, called What We Must. This came out in 2005 and is what they consider to be their rock album. It's one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy!

Dance-Tunes Radio (Future Beat Alliance /1 hour mix) by Future Beat Alliance

Last up is a mix by Future Beat Alliance. Really great techno from Berlin's Tresor label. Looking forward to getting more of his stuff.


  1. Recommend the self-titled James Blake: much more melodic, vocal, and it's as bare bones as his singles/EPs, but no less polyrhythmic. There's been a lot of hype/swagger around the nets (and in London proper) on this, but, with the physical release, there are reviews springing up now (see The Quietus' and FACT's below). Vocoded, chopped, or not, its somewhat akin to Dark Romanticism for the Internet Age, in the style of William Blake.



  2. I like those reviews. They're both fair and try to look past the hype that's swelling as the release date nears.

    Mark, do you have the album? If so, could you upload it?

  3. Leaked about a month ago, most links are dead now. I'll pass it on though if you have a thumb drive.

  4. IDK how I feel about the new James Blake. Not comparing them but I was feeling the last Darkstar album a lot if we're talking about dubstep/indie singer crossover things. Maybe I'll upload it because it was one of the best albums of last year in my opinion.

  5. Yeah I'm not sure I'm very into it so far. Maybe it's something that takes a while to get into, so I'll give it a chance. But yeah, if you want to upload that Darkstar I'm always down for gateways into dubstep.