AreYouTargeted?/ This website is totally jacked.

I saw this billboard on i-94 around Kenosha. Luckily I was able to remember the website it was promoting: "areyoutargeted.com". Take a look for yourself but I think this makes very very little sense. Then again, I haven't knowingly experienced "one or more of the following:

Marks and burns from directed-energy weapons, sometimes happening as they watch in horror;

Intelligently-controlled remote stimulation of their pain centers, sleep deprivation, and/or auditory/visual disturbances;

Harassment from strangers, friends and family members, and even utility companies;

Routine break-ins, vandalism, and worse - which police forces seem unwilling or unable to intervene in."


(Respect to those who are targeted though.)

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  1. That's f'd up. I'm all for a good dose of paranoia and making known and sensible new forms of state warfare. This billboard reminds me of what one sees when Rowdy Roddy Piper puts on the shades in They Live. But it seems to be based on a marketing ploy to scare some people into buying Mark Rich's The Hidden Evil, which appears to be sick and nonsensical.